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Mary Elizabeth Wist proudly introduces AloCell Gel. Liz is a licensed Esthetician who has worked on clients daily for over 32 years. This expertise enables her to help you find the best product for your skin, and to achieve the quickest results. Ongoing advanced training reinforces her knowledge of product chemistry and how it interacts with the physiology of the skin giving her a cutting edge both in house, and with her online clientele.

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AloCellGel Gimmelsberger M.D.

Intensive Skin Recovery Treatment with Oligopeptides
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· Exposure to high levels of radiation
· Post surgery
· Extremely sensitive, rough, flakey
· Post peel, laser or microdermabraded
· Red, visibly irritated, itchy
· Immuno-compromised
· Over-processed, stinging
· AHA, Retinoid, Vitamin C treated
· Loss of firmness and elasticity
· Fine lines and deepening wrinkles
· Rosacea-prone
· Menopausal, dehydrated, sensitized
· Sun-exposed
· Chronically sensitive or stressed
· Sun-damaged and sun-burned
· Oily, dehydrated, sensitive


AloCellGel does not contain parabens, fragrance, dyes or colorants.


Rapidly absorbed, colorless, fragrance-free, lightweight hydra-gel
Size 3.4 fl/oz 100ml tube

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AloCellGel absorbs instantly and rapidly reduces signs of extreme irritation and redness. Aloe Vera Calms on contact while unique Oligopeptide complex protects against the loss of elasticity. Skin quickly regains smoothness, suppleness and long-lasting hydration.

AloCellGel was developed in Vienna, Austria, by Christine Gimmelsberger, a skin therapist and her husband, a medical doctor, while Christine was undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer. AloCellGel was initially designed to help Christine cope with the side effects of radiation therapy that dramatically increased skin sensitivity, redness, dryness and decreased elasticity. Following Christine’s recovery, it was discovered through rigorous testing that AloCelGel has numerous therapeutic benefits and treatment applications.


  • Instantly relieves signs of stinging, redness and discomfort
  • Encourages fast skin recovery after peels, laser and microdermabrasion treatments
  • Soothes signs of irritation, peeling and roughness associated with radiation treatments
  • Helps skin regain elasticity and firmness and protects against premature skin aging
  • Quickly smoothes visible lines, deeply hydrates and cools irritated skin
  • Increases skin’s resistance and tolerability to harsh treatments and procedures
  • Reduces signs of aging brought on by chronic irritation and inflammation

Aids skin in retaining moisture for softer, smoother, more comfortable texture. Rapidly improves hydration; helps revitalize barrier function and reduces appearance of dehydration lines and wrinkles.


Home Care: For best results, apply AloCellGel directly to a freshly cleansed face, neck and décolletage twice daily. AloCellGel is ideally worn under the moisturizer, and can be applied under moisturizer throughout the day if irritation, discomfort and redness are persistent.

Laser-treated skin / cosmetic surgery: Apply AloCellGel two times a day at least two weeks prior to the procedure. Continue application for one to three months after the procedure, depending upon skin’s response. May be applied under petrolatum USP or other lipophilic barrier. Mild tingling may be experienced on the skin immediately after application. This sensation will disappear quickly as the product absorbs into the skin.

Facial procedure: If extractions, chemical peels or microdermabrasion have been performed during the facial procedure, apply AloCellGel immediately after these procedures to instantly calm and cool the skin. AloCellGel can also be applied under the masque and before applying other finishing products at end of facial. AloCellGel may also be used on acne-prone, AHA-treated or otherwise traumatized skin at end of facial.

Accessory care for the skin during a radiation. Apply AloCellGel on these areas twice a day until completely absorbed by the skin. During the whole treatment and shortly after the therapy use AloCellGel a few times daily. Please don`t use lotions, parfumes or other parfumed products on these areas, respectively in connection with AlocellGel.

Note: AloCellGel is not intended as a cure for skin diseases or other medical conditions, but may help correct visible problems associated with these conditions.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua - water (base), Aloe Barbadensis Gel (Aloe Leaf Juice) (cooling, hydrating gel), Glycoproteins (skin regenerating oligopeptides), phenoxyethanol (antimicrobial preservative), Glycosaminoglycans (firming and hydrating), carbomer (hydrating / gelling base), ethylhexylglycerine (soothing skin conditioner), Benzyl PCA (antimicrobial preservative).

ALOCELLGEL the patented formula for a sunburn – free holiday

Offers a completely new type of protection against the sun.

If applied under suntan – lotion before sun – bathing, ALOCELLGEL is absorbed at once and has a preventive and protective effect.

If applied generously to cleansed skin after sun bathing, ALOCELLGEL produces a soothing effect, itching and reddening can be avoided, the skin is pleasantly cool and stays smooth.

Protects the skin against free radicals.

Protects against loss of elasticity, Skin remains hydrated and supple.

Furthermore, it promotes the growth of new cells.

Counteracts premature ageing of the skin as a result of exposure to the sun.

Using ACG to care for skin damaged by the sun, can successfully counteract later damage.

ACG is able to develop a pain – relieving, anti - inflammatory and soothing effect.

There is nothing to stop you getting a healthy – looking suntan any more, during the patented formula. ( A Symbiose during Aloe – Vera- Barbadensis and cell- regeneration - substances )


"I recently had the opportunity to test out AloCell a new product developed in Europe. As a professional in the skin care industry and a skin care formulator I am not easily impressed by the flood of skin care products that hit the market on a daily basis. I am quite versed in what is simply “marketing hype” and a truly effective product.

My own skin is highly sensitive and I have a special expertise in working with women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments – also owners of very sensitive skin.

On separate occasions I have had the opportunity to test this product after performing more aggressive skin care treatments on myself and was very pleased with the rapid calming, deep hydration, and fast recovery time.

I am now using the product on a daily basis because I have found that it keeps my skin calm throughout the day in addition to feeling “comfortable” due to the deep, weightless and continuous hydration.

As a professional skin therapist this is a product I am now recommending to my clients who have sensitive skin, have experienced sunburn (which it quickly calms), who are having strong exfoliating treatments and clients with oily skin who need hydration without oil.

I can’t wait to see how many new applications I can discover since it is effective on all skin types, all ages and a myriad of skin conditions.

Thank you for bringing this into the marketplace!"
– C.M.
Santa Barbara, Califonia

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