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Annemarie BÖrlind™
Many of the Borlind products are currently undergoing redesign and development. We will be adding more to this section as the new products become available, but please feel free to contact LIZ should you have any questionsor if you would like to see if any of other products are in stock or have not yet been put online.
Purifying Care - NEW!
Enjoy a healthy, fresh, clear complexion at any age with Annemarie BÖrlind Purifying Care!

Oil-free cleanser gently lathers away excess sebum and blackheadsCleansing Gel

Refreshing clarifier moisturizes, calms, and soothes skin, disinfects, and kill bacteriaFacial Toner

Actively controls sebum production and combats formation of pimples and blackheadsFacial Cream

Cleans deeply, removes excess sebum, calms, soothes, supports healing and healthy tissue renewalCleansing Mask

Purifying Care
The Solution for both Adult and Teenage Acne

Enjoy a healthy, fresh, clear complexion at any age:

  • Actively aids in clearing blemishes, blackheads, and other impurities
  • Purifies and refines without harshness or drying

In just five minutes a day the Annemarie Borlind Purifying Care Series helps to heal and prevent blemishes. Regular use removes impurities and refines the texture of the skin, leaving it clear, smooth, supple, and glowing.

What Annemarie Borlind Purifying Care delivers:

  • Clear, smooth, supple skin
  • Effective disinfection of bacteria that cause blemishes
  • Active control of the skin's sebum production
  • Support for the renewal of tissue
  • Calming, moisturizing, and healing ingredients to repair rough, red skin

Key Ingredients in the Purifying Care Series:

  • Sage and chamomile - have a calming effect on irritation.
  • Rosemary, yarrow and aloe vera - moisturize, heal, preserve suppleness and elasticity.
  • Camphor, allantoin and salicylic acid - soften skin, disinfect and kill bacteria that cause blemishes.
  • Licorice and yeast extract - key ingredients in moderating sebum production.
  • Kaolin - a natural clay highly effective in removing excess sebum and dirt particles.
  • Panthenol and sorbitol - moisturizers.

Clinically Proven:

  • Safety and efficacy proven in double-blind university dermatological tests
  • Neuform Seal of Approval
  • Certificate of hypoallergenicity
  • No animal testing

Natural Ingredient Leadership:

  • Organically-grown raw materials
  • First pressings of herbs
  • Healing spa waters
  • All-natural preservatives
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