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Gunilla of Sweden®
About Gunilla of Sweden® and LEROSETT® products
LEROSETT® Clay Mask and LEROSETT® Moisture Matte

The LEROSETT® promise to all pregnant and nursing women.

For more than 20 years LEROSETT® has been the only truly safe and 100% effective acne treatment for pregnant and nursing women. After 23 years and millions of LEROSETT® sold, there has never been a single pregnancy, nursing or baby related side effect reported concerning LEROSETT®. LEROSETT® contains our innovative proprietorially heat treated 100% organic acne clay and distilled water. That's it. There are no herbs, chemicals, oils or preservatives. There is no risk to you, your baby's health or even your pocket book. And, if you're not completely satisfied, we will refund what you paid plus the cost of returning it for up to 60 days.

LEROSETT is officially Americas best selling 100% organic acne treatment and has become the treatment of choice for pregnant women and young people with acne.The healing of acne is not just limited to the treatment and expertise of the esthetician; it is also a responsibility of the client. While the professional services of ME WIST™ available to acne sufferers can help your problem, you must be able to treat your skin daily. One treatment effective in aiding the healing of acne related problems that can be used in clinic as well as at home is LEROSETT® Clay Mask. It is by using LEROSETT® at home on a regular basis and between appointments to ME WIST™ that you are preparing your skin for ME WIST™ to do the extractions.

Although there are many different types of skin and varying degrees of severity of problems, the special combination of the natural minerals in LEROSETT® allows positive results in treating all types. it is merely the method of treatment in each case that will be different. LEROSETT® is widely used in clinical treatments, but for the best results is should be used on a regular basis as a home care treatment.

People that have oily skin or a severe, inflamed condition should begin using LEROSETT® as a mask every day. A light layer should always be applied. it is important to note that applying a think layer will not speed up the process; it is not how much is used, but how often it is used.

The mask should be left on for ten to twenty minutes depending on the oiliness of the skin and the severity of the condition. The more oily and more severe the problem, the longer the mask should be left on. For example, after being examined at ME WIST™, a client with an excessively inflamed problem may even want to leave the mask on overnight the first week of treatment and then continue with the normal procedure.

Once the skin begins to show improvement, the usage of the mask can be reduced to three or four times a week. However, you can use LEROSETT® daily as a wash cream to gently cleanse the face.

When the complexion is much improved, the mask should be used one to two times a week and also as a daily wash cream. When blemishes or other small problems occur, you should use LEROSETT® to dot the problem area.

  • Treatment of combination skin or a moderate skin condition should begin by using LEROSETT® on special problem areas. For example, a particular problem area for those with combination skin is the T-zone. LEROSETT® should be applied to this area and left on for ten or twenty minutes, depending on the condition of the skin. It is only necessary that LEROSETT® be applied to the affected area.

    Once the problem has cleared, using LEROSETT® as a daily wash cream and dotting particular problem areas when necessary may maintain proper skin conditions. Since combination skin tends to be dry in some areas, a follow-up moisturizer may be applied.
  • For those with normal to dry skin or occasional problems, it is best to begin by using LEROSETT® as a wash cream over the entire face. Dot problem areas one or two times a day, leaving the treatment on for five or ten minutes or even overnight.

    After the problem has cleared, you should continue to use LEROSETT® as a daily wash cream and may also use it as a mask two to four times a month. You may also follow up the treatment with a moisturizer.

It is the properties and the combination of the minerals in LEROSETT® that allow is to be effective in its treatment of skin conditions. These properties help the clay to act as a mild exfoliant to actually soften the skin and the sebum in the pores. While you are obtaining a better overall skin condition and preparing the skin, you are creating a better surface for ME WIST™ to work with on future visits. Extractions become easier with softer skin.

Also, because LEROSETT® is 100 percent natural and contains no parabins, it can be used in conjunction with other skin treatments and procedures. For example, those using Benzyl Peroxide may use that treatment during the day and use LEROSETT® at night. Many combinations of this sort are possible. Since LEROSETT® is natural clay with no additives it can be dehydrating to the skin and therefore is it is recommended to use a moisturizing treatment.

LEROSETT® Moisture Matte, a non-comodogenic oil free hydrator, brings vital moisture to the skin providing a matte glow without a heavy feel of oiliness. It is a perfect solution even for skin that tends to be oily and acne prone. Use every day, morning and night, on a regular basis.

LEROSETT® clay has been tested at the Louis Pasteur Institute in France and has also been clinically tested by Dr. Niels Ehrenskjold in Denmark, and Erling Thom in Norway.

Gunilla of Sweden® and LEROSETT® logos are registered trademarks of Gunilla of Sweden, Inc. All copy © Gunilla of Sweden, Inc.

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