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Jan Marini Skin Research products are designed to be used under the supervision of a physician or licensed skin care professional. Prior to purchasing Jan Marini Skin Research products for the first time from this site, you must call to schedule a Skin Care Management Consultation.
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Jan Marini Skin Research®

C-ESTA® LineAge Intervention® LineTransformation LineAntioxidant LineFactor-A®/Factor-A Plus® Lines
Bioglycolic® LineEnzyme LineBenzoyl Peroxide GroupSkin Care Management System

ME WIST™ proudly recommends the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System, a results oriented approach of providing highly individualized skin care programs in a constant and professional manner.

Jan Marini Skin Research® is leading the future of skin care using revolutionary technologies that produce results beyond anything previously available.

“If there was something you could change or improve about your skin, what would it be?” is the question I ask my clients when I am helping them to find the right system of results oriented home care products to meet their needs. Whether the problem is acne, scarring, discoloration, or lines and wrinkles, there is a focused approach to addressing your individual concerns predicated on measurable and visible improvement.

Please preview the entire product line here and Email Me or call me at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on pricing, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation. I look foreword to hearing from you!

Jan Marini Full Product Line

C-ESTA® Line
Unparalleled Skin Care Management

C-ESTA® Cream
C-ESTA® Eye Cream
Eye Cream
C-ESTA® Eye Repair Concentrate
Eye Repair Concentrate
C-ESTA® Facial Mask
Facial Mask
C-ESTA® Cleansing Gel
Cleansing Gel
C-ESTA® Lips
C-ESTA® Hand and Body Cream
Hand and Body Cream
C-ESTA® Perfection Treatment Foundation
Perfection Treatment Foundation
C-ESTA® Serum
C-ESTA® Serum Oil Control
Serum Oil Control
C-ESTAMINS® With BioCell

Medical research has established that vitamin C plays an essential role in every aspect of the skin's functioning, including protection from UV damage and repair of cumulative sun-induced aging factors. It has also been proven that for vitamin C to be present in the skin in medically efficacious levels, it must be transported into cells through topical application.

The Power Behind C-ESTA: Ascorbyl Palmitate and DAE Complex

C-ESTA is a complex technology that involves stabilization, optimum skin absorption, adequate activity levels, and documented studies on human tissue that substantiate actual physiological changes. The C-ESTA Fact Sheet presents an overview about C-ESTA methods of action, its effectiveness as compared to other forms of vitamin C, and its specific benefits. The Fact Sheet focuses on C-ESTA's two distinct modes of action: Ascorbyl Palmitate and DAE Complex.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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The Age Intervention® Line
Breakthrough Anti-Aging Technology

Age Intervention Face Cream
Prime - NEW!
Age Intervention Face Cream
Face Cream
Age Intervention Face Serum
Face Serum
Age Intervention Hands
Age Intervention Eye Cream
Eye Cream
Age Intervention Hair Revitalizing Conditioner
Hair Revitalizing Conditioner
Age Intervention Regeneration Booster
Regeneration Booster
Age Intervention Transitions
Age Intervention Enlighten

Age Intervention® is a breakthrough in anti-aging technology for adult women. Age Intervention Face addresses the appearance of aging skin changes by targeting two critical areas: hormonal levels and changes associated with cumulative sun exposure.

As females age and hormonal levels drop, the sebaceous glands begin to atrophy, contributing to drier skin. In addition, the decline of estrogen results in reduced moisture content, exacerbating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Numerous other hormonally-related changes include thinning of the dermis, thinner and sparser elastin fibers, changes in collagen production and changes in pigment cells.

The second and most challenging aspect of the aging skin process is cumulative sun exposure. Two major factors involved in photo damaged skin are impaired immune function and inflammatory responses that trigger free radical activity.

Jan Marini Skin Research has joined together an extraordinary combination of topical agents that can effectively boost the skin's ability to repair damage and target inflammatory responses that contribute to the visible signs of aging. Your skin will look naturally younger, hydrated and radiant.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Transformation Line
Rebuild the Appearance of Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

Transformation Cream
Transformation Cream
Transformation Serum
Transformation Serum
Transformation Eye Cream
Transformation Eye Cream

Transformation products are based on TGF beta-1 in the family of cytokine technology that is believed to act as a cellular mediator by signaling certain cellular activities that are necessary for maintaining the appearance of youthful, healthy skin. A noted physician researcher has asserted that TGF Beta-1 is essential for the normal production of collagen and elastin, which may help keep skin young-looking indefinitely.

Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Line combines state of the art breakthrough technologies to introduce a new era in skin rejuvenation and hydration. Transformation focuses on TGF Beta-1 (Transformation Growth Factor), Thymosin Beta-4, Pentapeptides, and VGF (Vascular Epithelial Growth Factor) to bring anti-aging technology into the next generation of breakthroughs.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Antioxidant Line
Topical Preparations with Antioxidant Capabilities

Antioxidant Antioxidant Daily Face ProtectantAntioxidant Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant
Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30
Antioxidant Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant Tinted
Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant Tinted, SPF 30
Antioxidant Skin Silk Protecting Hydrator
Skin Silk Protecting Hydrator
Antioxidant Recover-E
Antioxidant Body Block SPF 30
Body Block SPF 30

Currently, tremendous interest and research is being focused on antioxidants and their value in helping to reverse and prevent free radical damage. By definition, free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that must seek other molecules with stable electrons to achieve their own stabilization. Attaching to the stable electron of other molecules accomplishes stability, but as a result the "good" molecule is then transformed by the free radical into another free radical whose function and shape is now altered.

Free radicals work quickly. In mere seconds, one radical can trigger a chain reaction that produces thousands of additional free radicals. The damage caused by the free radicals can range from cell damage or ultimately, cell death. Such cellular breakdown manifests itself superficially in lines, wrinkles, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and skin discoloration. On a deeper level, free radical destruction can substantially destroy the collagen and elastin support system, degrade DNA, damage vital enzymes, impair critical immune functions, and cause general tissue deterioration.

Certain substances termed as "antioxidants" can interrupt or even prevent this cellular onslaught. Another term for antioxidants is "free radical scavengers" because of their ability to provide electrons to which the free radical can attach itself. The antioxidant electron can thus be rendered harmless before it can attach itself to a so called "healthy" radical and begin the destructive chain reaction.

Physicians and scientific researchers now recognize the tremendous preventative and anti-aging potential of topically applied preparations that contain antioxidant capabilities. Jan Marini Skin Research has developed the antioxidant product group be incorporating substances that have proven remarkable benefits to aid in preventing one of the primary sources of cellular damage and aging.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Therapeutic Line: Factor-A® and Factor-A Plus®
Dramatic Skin Rejuvenation for the Visible Signs of Aging

Therapeutic Line Factor-A® Lotion
Factor-A® Lotion
Therapeutic Line Factor-A Plus® Lotion
Factor-A Plus® Lotion
Therapeutic Line Factor-A® Cream
Factor-A® Cream
Therapeutic Line Factor-A Plus® Cream
Factor-A Plus® Cream
Therapeutic Line Factor-A® Eyes For Dark Circles
Factor-A® Eyes For Dark Circles
Therapeutic Line Factor-A Plus® Mask
Factor-A Plus® Mask

Factor-A and Factor-A Plus are cutting-edge technologies that fall into the category known as Retinoids. Retinoids are a group of naturally occurring and synthetic compounds that have Vitamin A-like biological activity. They play a critical role in skin growth, repair and epithelial cell differentiation. Over the past 20 years, tremendous research has focused on certain Retinoids, particularly retinoic acid, for the purpose of treating various skin abnormalities including acne, actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions) and skin changes due to photodamage and aging.

Jan Marini Skin Research has identified new stabilization and delivery components that enable Retinol, a dietary form of Vitamin A, to be delivered in a stable fashion where it is converted by certain enzymes into retinoic acid, while avoiding superficial redness, peeling and irritation. Some recent studies demonstrate that a stabilized Retinol may be more active in the skin than Retinoic acid at similar percentages.

Factor-A and Factor-A Plus contain the highest percentages of Retinol (all-trans-retinol). We have been able to provide this remarkable breakthrough by developing a proprietary, stabilized complex along with an unparalleled delivery system.

Summary of Benefits

* Retinoids protect against the appearance of ultraviolet radiation-induced aging skin changes
* Assists in decreasing or resolving the appearance of abnormal pigmentation (hyperpigmentation)
* Dramatic skin rejuvenation benefits in the visible signs of aging
* Noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Skin appears smoother and more luminous
* Potent and effective tool for clearing and maintaining "problem skin"

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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The Bioglycolic® Line

Bioglycolic® Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanser
Bioglycolic® Oily Skin Cleansing Gel
Oily Skin Cleansing Gel
Bioglycolic® Bioclean®
Bioglycolic® Facial Lotion
Facial Lotion
Bioglycolic® Facial Lotion SPF 15
Facial Lotion SPF 15
Bioglycolic® Night Cream
Night Cream
Bioglycolic® Lightening Gel
Lightening Gel
Bioglycolic® Acne Gel I and Acne Gel II
Acne Gel I and Acne Gel II
Bioglycolic® Eye Cream
Eye Cream
Bioglycolic® Hand and Body Lotion
Hand and Body Lotion
Bioglycolic® Resurfacing Body Scrub
Resurfacing Body Scrub
Bioglycolic® Sunless Self-Tanner
Sunless Self-Tanner
Bioglycolic® Cream and LotionBioglycolic® Cream and Lotion
Cream and Lotion

Glycolic acid is what is known as an "alpha hydroxy acid," or "AHA." Alpha hydroxy acids are a family of acids that occur naturally in various fruits and foods, and are often collectively referred to as fruit acids. Glycolic acid found in sugar cane has received the most attention medically because it has the smallest molecule of all the AHAs. This small molecular weight enables glycolic acid to penetrate more effectively and to ultimately bring about the most dramatic and beneficial changes of all the AHAs.

Among other things, glycolic acid loosens the "glue-like" attachments or cellular cement that is characteristic of many skin conditions such as acne, photodamage (environmental aging), and hyperpigmentation. This non-invasive lifting of the cells in the stratum corneum enables glycolic acid to act as a phenomenal resurfacing agent that can immensely improve the appearance of the skin and has even proven to be a valuable tool in reducing the depth of acne scarring.

As physicians and researchers gain a greater interest in glycolic acid, medical studies have revealed that glycolic acid may stimulate collagen, increase epidermal volume, and even act as a powerful antioxidant and free radical inhibitor. Tests also illustrate how glycolic acid acts as a delivery agent when combined with other beneficial ingredients or medications, thus potentiating the desired results.

The Bioglycolic Line combines proven glycolic acid standards with technological advancements far beyond any previously available products. Jan Marini Skin Research created Bioglycolic products to provide the ultimate resurfacing agents along with additional scientifically calculated components that equate to unparalleled skin care management.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Intensifiers/Accelerators: Enzyme Line
Scientifically Effective Supplemental Exfoliation at Home

Enzyme Line Clean Zyme
Clean Zyme
Enzyme Line Skin Zyme
Skin Zyme
Enzyme Line Day Zyme
Day Zyme
Enzyme Line Night Zyme
Night Zyme

Proteolytic enzymes are the most scientifically sensible and effective method to accomplish supplemental exfoliation at home. Simply defined, the term "proteolytic" refers to an enzymatic reaction that can digest dead or diseased protein material without harming living healthy cells. Unlike abrasive scrubs or other mechanical methods, proteolytic enzymes are selective and therefore the patient is less likely to cause irritation from pressure or over manipulation.

A commonly used proteolytic enzyme is papain, often found in tropical fruits such as papaya. The most potent form of papain exists in green unripened papaya. As the papaya ripens, the enzyme activity declines considerably. In fact, green papaya can be 50 to 100 times stronger than other forms of papain.

Until now, green papaya could never be harvested and formulated in a manner that would maintain the essential activity.

Jan Marini Skin Research has located and utilized the only available processing source for this sensitive technology.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Therapeutic Line: The Benzoyl Peroxide Group
Significantly Reduces P Acne Bacteria

Therapeutic Line Benzoyl Peroxide - 5% and 10%
Benzoyl Peroxide - 5% and 10%
Therapeutic Line Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5% Wash
Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5% Wash
Therapeutic Line Teen Clean
Teen Clean

Benzoyl peroxide is a potent and effective therapy for treating acne. Benzoyl peroxide is currently recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology as one of the most effective antibacterial agents proven to significantly reduce the presence of P acne bacteria (the bacteria believed to play a primary role in the inflammatory aspect of the acne process).

P acne bacteria thrives in an oxygen-free environment and feeds on trapped oil in the sebaceous follicle. It then releases a toxic, corrosive fatty acid by-product that works to break down the follicle walls and encourage the leaks and ruptures that produce acne lesions. By reducing the P acne bacteria colonies, the inflammatory process is minimized and clearing of acne lesions is greatly enhanced.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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Skin Care Management System

Skin Care Management System
Skin Care Management System
Skin Care Management System Travel
Skin Care Management System Travel Size

Systems Available for:
Normal to Dry Skin
Dry Skin
Combination Oily Skin
Excessively Oily Skin
Mild to Moderate Acne
Acne – Teens
Severe Acne – Adults
Uneven Pigment

Any skin can be measurably improved. Common conditions including the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, and skin discoloration can be greatly resolved or improved by the use of our specialized formulations and services. With the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System, the professionally supervised skin care program, skin of all types can be stimulated to appear clearer, younger, smoother and healthier.

Your physician or skin care professional can recommend Jan Marini products that will enable you to experience visible improvements in just days. Over time, cumulative benefits of the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System will amaze you. It's simple. And it's unbelievably effective!

If there was something you could change or improve about your skin, what would it be?

1. Cleanse
A Jan Marini cleanser does more than just clean your skin. It can actually change the way your skin looks and behaves. The appropriate cleanser can encourage a noticeably clearer and more refined skin texture. Your skin will feel clean, soft, smooth and hydrated.

2. Rejuvenate
More than 90% of the skin damage that we attribute to "inevitable" aging is the result of cumulative sun damage. Medical studies demonstrate that much of this damage can be reversed and cells can be protected to help prevent further signs of aging. Jan Marini pioneered the first lipid soluble form of stable topical Vitamin C, which can give your skin a tighter, firmer, less wrinkled and far more resilient appearance.

3. Resurface.
Jan Marini medically-based products can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin by addressing sun damage, acne, discoloration, coarse texturing and scarring. By "resurfacing" the outer layers of your skin, it can appear more luminous, smoother, even-toned, clearer, and measurably younger and healthier.

4. Hydrate
Hydrating the skin (improving moisture content) and environmental protection are critical to reversing common skin conditions as well as protecting and maintaining the skin. Our superb hydrators also regulate moisture content, guard against inflammation, and greatly enhance skin rejuvenation.

5. Protect
Jan Marini has developed sun protection products that not only shield the skin, but control factors such as oil output and environmental sensitivity.

Email or call at 1-866-LIZ-WIST for more information on prices, ordering or scheduling a personal consultation.

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