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Tend Skin for razor bumps and ingrown hair!LIQUID SKIN CARE SOLUTION
4 FL OZ - $ 20.00

8 FL OZ - $ 35.00

16FL OZ - $ 50.00

Tend Skin® Liquid

Tend Skin Liquid effectively reduces the appearance of bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin redness after hair removal procedures.

Visible Results May Be Seen in 24-48 Hours. Tend Skin Liquid is made with only the finest ingredients available.


  1. Reducing the appearance of:
    • razor bumps
    • ingrown hairs
    • skin redness after all methods of hair removal
    • necktie redness
  2. Deodorant - underarm or foot
  3. Facials - by estheticians after extraction procedures to reduce the appearance of skin bumps. At home for overnight exfoliation.
  4. Ink removal from the Skin.


  1. Do not use if you have or suspect allergies to aspirin. Symptoms include itching, hives, redness, and difficulty breathing.
  2. First time users: perform a test patch once before any hair removal procedure and once again after the procedure. Allow 5 minutes for sensitivity reactions. If no reaction, proceed with full application.
  3. This product has not been tested for use during pregnancy or nursing. Consult with physician before use.
  4. Do not use within one month, unless otherwise advised, of any salon or medical strength treatments. (Glycolic peels, AHA's, Accutane, etc.) Do not use in combination with prescribed topical treatments without consulting your physician.
  5. Keep out of the reach of children.
  6. In case of accidental ingestion, contact local poison control center.
  7. Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, flush with running water.
  8. Flammable.
  9. Damaging to dyed/finished surfaces and jewelry.
  10. Loofahs, shower puffs, or other scrubbing pads can increase ingrown hair/razor bump tendency from scratching/irritating effect on skin.
  11. To avoid peeling hands, apply with cotton applicator, or wear latex gloves.

Instructions for Use

Professionals will use Tend Skin Liquid for reducing the appearance of skin redness and next-day bumping from salon hair removal procedures.
For clients that are new to Tend Skin, provide a sample to allow her/him to perform a test patch for skin sensitivity at home, then again after next hair removal procedure. Instruct client to allow 5 minutes for skin sensitivity reactions. Proceed with full application if no reactions occurred. For clients with pre-existing ingrown hairs or razor bumps, sell a bottle of Tend Skin for home use (see Standard Instructions). Once skin has cleared, she/he should apply several times weekly to maintain clarity.

  1. Before and after waxing or electrolysis and only after laser hair removal, apply Tend Skin Liquid to reduce the appearance of skin redness and minimize post-procedure skin bumping for the following day.
    Note: It will typically take up to a week for an ingrown hair to form after these hair removal procedures and Tend Skin will not be needed unless ingrown hairs remain. Sell your client a bottle of Tend Skin for use at home to help maintain skin clarity. (See Standard Instructions.)
  2. After facial extraction or facial hair removal, apply a very thin layer to reduce the appearance of skin redness and bumping. Application of product to the entire face can be done using one end of cotton tipped applicator.

Standard use is for reducing the appearance of pre-existing ingrown hairs/razor bumps, for maintaining clarity from ingrown hairs/razor bumps and for facial exfoliation.
Important: For first-time users of Tend Skin, perform a test patch before hair removal procedures and once again after procedure. Allow 5 minutes for skin sensitivity reactions each time. Proceed with full application if no reaction occurs.
Apply Tend Skin Liquid with a cotton applicator (Q-tip, cotton ball, or a cotton square). Always apply to thoroughly dry skin.

Razor bumps (PFB): Apply twice daily: at night before retiring and again in the morning after shaving. For those who experience irritation while shaving, apply before shaving.
Razor bum or necktie redness: Apply after shaving to thoroughly dry skin. Visible results may be seen within a matter of hours.

Ingrown hairs: Apply to affected skin up to twice daily. Visible results may be seen within 24-48 hours. Tweezing ingrown hairs out of the skin is unnecessary and unadvised as skin damage and increased ingrown hair formation may result.

Electrolysis: Apply before procedure to help cleanse the skin. Apply after procedure to calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness within minutes.

Waxing: Apply before procedure to ease the wax pull. Apply after procedure to reduce the appearance of redness within minutes and minimize next-day skin bumping.

Laser hair removal: Apply after procedure. Do not apply immediately before procedure.

African-American Men with PFB
It is especially important to get a close shave for African American Men with PFB. If a close shave is not attained, then the hairs will immediately curl over and start digging into the skin and no product will help.

To get the best results from Tend Skin Liquid, the following is recommended:

  1. Use a SHARP razor.
  2. Cease and desist use of clippers!
  3. Discard razor after 1-2 uses.
  4. Apply Tend Skin Liquid daily after shaving.

We learned this from men in the military who are required to shave every day. To help you obtain the closest shave ever, try Air Shave Gel!


Shaving: Use a fresh/sharp razor. Those experiencing difficulty should use a fresh razor blade each or every other shave. If the blade exhibits any dragging across the skin, it is time for a new blade. Clippers can be used, however you will not get as smooth a shave.

PFB Sufferers: Apply Tend Skin before shaving, allow to dry. Apply again after shaving to dry skin.

Stubborn Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs will continue to grow even though they are turned under the skin. If an ingrown hair has been present for many months, it may need to be gently teased out from under the skin the first time. Do not completely tweeze the hair out of the skin. Tend Skin Liquid will more effectively reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs once this initial lift physical lifting is complete.

"The product worked at first but then stopped working."
In this case, the client has likely used the product only a limited number of times, achieved results, but didn't realize that he/she needed to use il daily.

Isopropyl alcohol, water, propylene glycol, acetylsalicylic acid, cyclomethicone, glycerin

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16 oz. — Price $50.00 Order It Above!

Skin Deep Return/Refund policy may not apply for Tend Skin products. Contact us for more information.

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