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Holistic Skin Care and Body Care
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Mary Elizabeth Wist C.M.T.

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M.E. WIST™ and Skin Deep Beauty and Beyond are proud to offer a variety of facial and skin care products produced by WELEDA. Click for a full list of available products to order online or at the salon, and feel free to Contact Liz if you have any questions regarding these excellent products.
About Weleda

In Harmony with Nature

WELEDA operates on all four continents with 1,400 employees worldwide. Since its foundation more than 80 years ago, WELEDA develops and sells complementary medicine, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Then as now, WELEDA oriented itself to the needs of doctors and patients looking for anthroposophic medicine.
Our motto "In Harmony with Nature" implies research into the structures of life and nature, as well as insight into the processes of the human soul and spirit. All products by WELEDA are produced on the basis of this knowledge.

The product range reflects the needs of our customers: WELEDA wants to provide the ill as well as the healthy person with products that enhance self-healing processes and general health. Furthermore, WELEDA wants to make an active contribution to the democratization of knowledge and to ongoing debates on health topics through information and publications to help increase the competence of the patient and enhance the awareness of responsibility towards oneself as well as social interrelation.

The WELEDA motto "In Harmony with Nature" also implies greatest possible care within the complete production chain of our products, beginning with our high demands to the material and ecological quality of the raw materials as well as to social quality in trade by respecting the guidelines of Fair Trade.
It is our priority to provide best quality products to consumers and patients as well as for therapeutic usage. Only select natural substances, carefully processed, can help reinforce the body with all its vital functions and maintain a healthy balance of the natural life processes of the human body.

For a list of all products and to order, click here.
Please note that product information may differ slightly from a product that you have purchased, as a result of WELEDA's ongoing efforts to further improve formulations and packaging to meet your needs.
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