About Liz Wist – A Skin Care Specialist

I have 36 years of ‘hands on’ daily experience as a skin care specialist in the Skin Care Industry. I work with all ages and skin types, successfully. My greatest expertise is my ability to listen , feel, and see a client’s needs and do my best to fill them.

I work intuitively and with sensitivity to the specifics in a person’s life as I guide the client towards better skin. I choose my skin care products carefully and recommend the appropriate ones to a customer based upon careful evaluation and consideration. Services are customized to each person each time they come in. I have great success with problem skin and acne, as well as aging skin and its management.
I am licensed and certified in the following areas:

  • Skin Care and Facials, Waxing for women and men: with an expertise in brow design and re shaping as well as maintenance.
  • Make-up: I specialize in corrective make-up technique and I match each client to the right foundation and concealer color as well as educating them on application.

I am also a licensed Massage Therapist and I currently apply my expertise in this area to my Aesthetic Massage that is part of my Signature Facials. I consult in all areas of wellness and beauty therapy. My goal is to help each customer to achieve their best possible skin and the proper products to keep it that way. I help them to streamline their homecare and achieve great results quickly. I also have a variety of Facials to choose from to fit every budget.

Product lines I carry reflect my interest in holistic and natural ingredients that deliver outstanding results. I stay current with ongoing domestic and International training in my field.

Thank you, Liz Wist

Liz Wist

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