Brightening Dark Spots

One of the most requested services I offer is to help lighten dark areas on the skin. This begins with a good Brightening Cleanser that I choose for the client from the broad range of professional products I carry. I determine in person or on the phone what type of discoloration they have. Some are caused by pregnancy hormones others from peels gone wrong as with several East Indian clients of mine where the marks occurred after they had microdermabrasion or past salon peels that left marks on their skin. Some dark spots are left over acne scars and others are from the sun. Everyone is different and I treat each person as a unique and special individual. Next I typically recommend a gentle exfoliating mask to lift dead and discolored skin. In a treatment here at Skin Deep I follow this with gentle fruit enzymes to further the process and treat the skin conditions at the same time. Some brighten, others reduce oil or calm redness, soften, and hydrate. Application of an appropriate serum comes next. This is where I fine tune your home care routine as well. Serums can rejuvenate and restore balance to the skin using peptides, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Lipids, and other Growth Factors to repair and revive, firm and boost stressed skin. It’s important to have someone like myself help you with your skin care choices since there’s so much to choose from out there and some pretty tricky marketing and packaging to go along with it. I recommend a toner that has 8 minerals and 8 amino acids in a formulation that instantly soothes, nourishes and hydrates stressed skin, and a lightening peeling solution to be used a few times a week to continue to clarify, and illuminate the complexion. This is followed by an ultra concentrated Vitamin C that efficiently targets pigment spots. Next is a silky whitening cream enriched with Vitamin C as well that fights pigment imperfections and uneven complexion by controlling the melanin synthesis process. Sun Screen is critical and I have carefully chosen specific brands and formulas to complete a lightening program. Feel free to call me (408)287 8494 or email: You can also visit my website:

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