Brow Design and Tweezing

Many people are sensitive to waxing or threading and some just prefer a natural look to their brow area, yet still cleaned up.

I am a brow specialist with over 36 years of hands-on experience and a background in art and make-up design.

Allow me to help you with your brows!

Reasons for choosing tweezing:

  • Teens and young clients who need just a little shaping and cleanup
  • People with a ‘unibrow’
  • Men looking for a natural brow
  • Sensitive skin clients
  • Any person who wants a brow that is defined and not over done

Initial consultation and design: $50.

Maintenance: $35. (depending on regrowth)

Please fill out this brief questionnaire to give me a better idea of how to guide you in choosing the best products for your skin or to customize a home care ritual that meets your specific needs

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