Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation at Skin Deep

One of the nicest things I often do at the end of a Facial is apply the appropriate sun screen to the clients face and add corrective coverage on top of that with Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation. Known in the make-up industry as a ‘second skin’, this amazing product conceals discolorations or marks and blends perfectly once your shade is determined.

I am known in my Skin Care Practice at Skin Deep in San Jose, Ca. for finding the perfect color match for a person’s skin. Both men and women of all ages schedule time with me to find their color and show them how to apply and remove the product.

I am a licensed Esthetician with a background in Professional Skin Care, Make-up Artistry and Photography with an eye for color, giving me the cutting edge over other vendors. I approach the face as a palette that needs to be normalized first. Proper skin care is critical in providing the best surface upon which to achieve a blended look. I work with each client privately, in a clean comfortable environment where they feel special and cared for. You may just want a proper color match and a quick tutorial as to how to apply the ultimate foundation. Or you may have a bigger concern such as extremely dry or damaged skin or acne with discoloration, marks, and scars. Teens have their own set of expectations and I know how to address them as well. Mature people often have sagging skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and dryness. All can be balanced with a few products, maybe some Facials if you’re local, and the right application techniques.

I can help you to find the perfect Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation color match to enhance your personal image.

*water and sweat resistant

*will not stain clothes

*small container easy to carry

*available in a wide variety of color ranges

*great for highlighting, shading, contouring, neutralizing and correcting unwanted undertones

Contact Liz to schedule an appointment or to purchase a foundation:

cell/text: (408) 623 2902 or email:

Ultimate Foundation provides a matte finish and spreads further than most other foundations. Find your shade at


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