Facials by Product Line

New! Advanced Customized
Yon-Ka Facial – $150 (1hr)

*with Esthetic neck and shoulder treatment

Pulling together years of hands-on practice has brought me to the point of offering a hybrid Facial utilizing the best of the best:

Yon-Ka products and proprietary skin analysis techniques. Choreographed into an exclusive system of rituals that fuse Eastern influences with Contemporary French accents, Aromatherapy is at the heart of this wonderful journey.

Jurlique – $140 (75 min)

A signature treatment customized to meet the individual needs of your skin.

Jurlique’s new Rare Rose range and facial cupping massage technique forms a dewy duo that will help clients get their glow on! The hydrating superpower of the exclusive Jurlique Rose includes a unique micro-capsule technology to provide an instant moisture boost and long-lasting hydration. The range includes a Mist, Serum, Lotion, Gel-Cream, and Cream.

The protective and restorative properties of our exclusive handpicked hybrid Jurlique Rose, are intertwined with the Eastern modality of gemstone massage and facial cupping technique for a luxurious 75-minute treatment spiral of aroma, hydration, and renewal.

Conditions addressed and results you may experience :

  • Improves Microcirculation
  • Reduced Tension in the Facial Muscles
  • Improves Facial Swelling
  • Antioxidant
  • Fades Dark Spots
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Balanced, Radiant Skin
  • Helps Tighten Skin: Lifting, Firming
  • Opens & Shrinks Clogged Skin Pores
  • Blemish Control, Oily Skin, Blackheads and Milia.
  • Dryness and Dehydration
  • Helps Treat Skin Problems
  • Can work On Older Scars & New Ones
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$130 (hr)

Skin Script was created by an Esthetician for Estheticians.

Gentle yet effective, all products are paraben free, fruit based, and ideal for treating all skin types and ethnicities. Skin Script philosophy is based on the idea of progressive rather than aggressive treatments making it a favorite of myself and my clients.

* All products are manufactured in the USA

SKIN SCRIPT Custom Facial

* Increases blood circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells
with natural enzymes improving texture, reducing environmental stress, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, keratinized rough, dry or oily skin.

Fruit enzymes include: grape, lemon, passionfruit, pumpkin,
orange, pomegranate, cherry, pear, raspberry, peach, blueberry, coconut, papaya, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry and more.

Natural acids: salicylic ,arbutin, lactic, glycolic, kojic,

Healing ingredients include: tea tree, seaweed, green tea,
charcoal, honey, aloe, cucumber, peptides, vitamin A, vitamin C, and others.

BiON – Series of Two Facials one week apart – $170 (or $85 each)

A $30 savings from my normal price.

BiON uses 5 very targeted natural extracts in their formulas that provide residual antibacterial benefits without irritating the skin. A specific extract from cinnamon bark, for example, along with turmeric and zinc( as found in natural mineral clay)help the formulas by reducing sebum production and eliminating infections. Therefore, BION acne products can be used to treat patients with combination, normal and even dry, sensitive skin. Since it is possible to control acne far more effectively with much safer natural ingredients, BION products do not contain benzoyl peroxide which they feel dries the skin, shows marginal results, and requires constant treatment.

The degree to which the skin care professional can control the multiple factors of acne determines their success in treating the problem.

Through the continued use of a properly prescribed skin regimen for home care and corrective in-salon treatments on a regular basis, your acne can be controlled. When following this protocol, you can expect the clearing to take about two months. Most acne conditions, if left untreated will worsen and increase the chance of scarring. Each treatment is private and relaxing and will bring you a step closer to having clear skin.

I recommend a series of Acne Facials weekly for the first two months. The treatment will consist of the following:

  • Deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells)
  • Extraction(removal of any impactions)
  • Calming and healing procedures, application of a therapeutic mask and a final application of an antibacterial serum.
acne facial
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Le Mieux – $145 (1hr)

Meet my newest beauty tool-the O2 infuser. This sleek, oxygenating infuser dispenses an ultra-fine, line-filling mist for instant volume and a “glass skin” glow. Use with Oh My Glow Activator and Oh My Glow Serum to instantly hydrate, nourish, and brighten skin. Revolutionary Hya10+ Complex with 10 different sizes of hyaluronic acid volumize skin and fill in lines, while genuine diamond powder diffuses a luminous glow. Push back against lackluster skin and loss of firmness with the power of vitamins and transforming peptides. No need for hands-on application of skincare products, the 02 infuser evenly dispenses micronized particles for immediate absorption. A cooling, de-stressing and misting system for FACE and ENTIRE BODY.

Le Mieux Anti Aging Facial with O2 Infuser $145. (1hr.)

Uses Serums with growth factors, stem cells, vitamins, and peptides, while sealing in moisture with multiple forms of hyaluronic acid

Eckstein- $140 (1hr)

With over 100 products formulated for truly individualized skincare solutions, Doctor Eckstein is one of the most comprehensive skin care lines on the market. Since 1949, they have developed, manufactured, and tested their products at their own facilities in Germany for guaranteed safety, compatibility, and results. Years of research has produced a line of highly effective face serums that treat all skin types and conditions-normal, dry, oily or combination, blemished or large pored, sensitive or mature-with exceptional results. There are 9 concentrated formulas for customized use in professional treatments.

The professional products are designed exclusively for use by licensed skin care professionals to provide the best possible outcome in achieving and maintaining naturally beautiful skin.

Vegan, gluten free and not animal tested.

Dr. Eckstein Exclusive Skin Treatment by Elizabeth Wist
$140. (1hr.) Includes a complimentary hand and foot massage.

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Only YOURx- $450.
(Facial Series of 4 weekly treatments)

Includes one month of travel size products

The key to beautiful skin is a continuous, effective skin care regimen. I recommend a series of 4 Facials at weekly intervals followed by a monthly maintenance Facial. You will see continued improvement with each treatment.

Whether you have a clear complexion, occasional breakouts, problem skin or sun damage my treatments will deliver the results you are looking for.

I will thoroughly examine your skin to understand exactly what it needs and how to solve its problems.

I custom blend products I use in the facials exclusively for your skin using super intensive additives, including botanical extracts, pure essential oils, energizing vitamins, antioxidants, and scientific extracts.

The facial includes Clinical Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Deep Follicle Extractions (specialized techniques using emulsifiers, exfoliators and hydrators to soften impactions, allowing for ease in removal of follicular debris such as blackheads, milia, and whiteheads, which promotes clear complexion and healthier skin), Masking, and Moisturizing.

Facial Series of 4 weekly treatments $450.(reg $500) includes one month of travel size products.

These treatments are especially good for clients with stubborn acne and other skin problems, but all skin types will benefit.

Please fill out this brief questionnaire to give me a better idea of how to guide you in choosing the best products for your skin or to customize a home care ritual that meets your specific needs

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