BiON – Series of Two Facial Skin Care Treatments  at Skin Deep & Beyond – $170 (or $85 each)

A $30 savings from my normal price.

BiON uses 5 very targeted natural extracts in their formulas that provide residual antibacterial benefits without irritating the skin. A specific extract from cinnamon bark, for example, along with turmeric and zinc( as found in natural mineral clay)help the formulas by reducing sebum production and eliminating infections. Therefore, BION acne products can be used to treat patients with combination, normal and even dry, sensitive skin. Since it is possible to control acne far more effectively with much safer natural ingredients, BION products do not contain benzoyl peroxide which they feel dries the skin, shows marginal results, and requires constant treatment.

The degree to which the skin care professional can control the multiple factors of acne determines their success in treating the problem.

Through the continued use of a properly prescribed skin regimen for home care and corrective in-salon treatments on a regular basis, your acne can be controlled. When following this protocol, you can expect the clearing to take about two months. Most acne conditions, if left untreated will worsen and increase the chance of scarring. Each treatment is private and relaxing and will bring you a step closer to having clear skin.

I recommend a series of Acne Facials weekly for the first two months. The treatment will consist of the following:

  • Deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells)
  • Extraction(removal of any impactions)
  • Calming and healing procedures, application of a therapeutic mask and a final application of an antibacterial serum.

With over 35 years of hands on experience in the Skin Care Industry and daily practice, Liz Wist is a master Esthetician who helps customers with even the most stubborn acne see amazing results in a very short time. Even online clients can see outstanding results with remote counseling.

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