For Skin as Smooth as Glass

(skin  that  is  clear,  radiant,  translucent,  poreless  and smooth,  almost  like a  pane  of  glass)

Anyone  can achieve  great skin,  no  matter  what their skin  type.  It’s  just  a matter  of  having  regular customized  Facial  treatments  by  me,  or  for  those of you  who  don’t  live  nearby,  having  my  regular  personal consultations,  following  a  great home  care  ritual, eating  right and  exercising  regularly.

The  Glass Skin  home  care routine  needs  to  be done regularly and  includes  a  lot of  steps  –  as  many  as  10. For  clients already  on  a full  homecare  program  that I  have designed specifically  for  their  skin, this  list may  seem  like  what they are  already  doing  but with  a  few  additions  and  the  steps  in a new order.

1.)  Double  Cleansing:  start with  an oil based  cleanser  to soften  sebum  and  make-up,  sunscreen  and  other products on the  skin. Then follow  with  a second  cleanser  (I  like  a  gel or  foam)  to complete  the  cleansing  process. Rinse  well with  a soft clean cloth  and  splash  with  lukewarm  water.

2.)  Exfoliate:  To  remove dead  skin  cells  and  blackheads.  This can be  a  third  cleanser, gel peel,  or  gentle  exfoliating  cream.

3.)  Toning:  This  helps  to restore  the  PH  of  the  skin and  helps the  next steps  absorb. I  choose  the  exact toner  product for your  particular needs.

4.)  Essence:  Incorporating  an essence(a  thin  water based product to add  moisture  to the  skin)provides  a  natural glow as  well as  heightening  the  benefits  of  any  skin care  routine.

5.)  Brighten:  this  is  where  my  expertise  really  comes  in and  I recommend the  proper serum  or serums  (you  can  layer  up to three)  to  address the  problems  you  are  having  with  your skin. Whether  it  be  acne  scars,  dark  spots, hyperpigmentation,  fine  lines  and  wrinkles, oily  or  dry  skin, we address  them  here.

6.)  Hydration:  lightweight  hyaluronic  acid  based  product  to help  retain  water  and  keep  the  skin healthy  from  within.

7.)  Moisturize:  this  step  supports  the  top  layer  of  the  skin and  holds  the  other  steps  in. It’s  a  critical step  because even though  there are  layers  underneath  it, it doesn’t  need  to  feel heavy. Who among us  hasn’t had  difficulty  finding  the  right moisturizer?

8.)  Eye &  Lip  Hydration:  The eye area is  so  unique and  I  hear stories  from  clients  about how  hard  it is  to find  the  right eye products  to  help  their specific  eye area  without irritating, feeling  heavy, sticky,  or  tacky.  This  is  why  I  have  applied  my 35+ years  of  experience  in choosing  the  variety  of products I carry  to  help  the diverse clientele who  come to  me for advice.

9.)  Sunscreen:  Why  cover up  all  the beautiful  steps  above with  the  wrong  Sun Screen?  I  will help  you  to find  the  perfect sunscreen to compliment your  routine  and  give  you  the flawless  finish  you  want.

10.)  Masks:  Masking  should  be  part of  every  homecare  ritual. One of  my  favorites  is  the  new  10%  Glyconight  Masque  from Yon-ka  Paris  to  experience  overnight skin renewal and radiance while you  sleep.

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