Home Care

The Skin Deep clients who experience the greatest satisfaction and results with their Home Care are the ones who allow me to:

  1. Help them to choose the best products for their skin
  2. Customize a simple home care plan for them
  3. Receive Facials – where I teach them to care for their skin, use the product effectively, and even combine certain products for a stronger synergistic effect.

Clients are amazed at how long their products last when they are using them properly. They also see faster results when the skin is well exfoliated and hydrated from receiving regular Facials. There is less guesswork for you in your product choices when I have analyzed your skin in a consultation or a Facial and make guided and focused recommendations to help you reach your skin care goals.

A sense of personal discipline or control is often the result of this practice. As your skin improves, which it will if you follow the three steps, the success you experience is because of something YOU are doing. You are the person in control of your skin. You picked up the phone and called Skin Deep to schedule a Facial, spent the money and listened to what I had to say, went home with the recommended product, and began a simple ritual of Home Care. There is less guesswork for you in a marketplace with an overwhelming amount of choices.

I have been studying and practicing Professional Skin Care for 35+ years, daily. My knowledge is vast, I research constantly and add new products and techniques to my reservoir of experience regularly. Why go to a department store and spend $200.00 on products because a clerk who has no experience working on the skin says you should? Think about it.

The greatest gift I have to offer is ME – and the personal attention I give to you when you are in a session – or consultation with me. So, be sure to ask for an evaluation of your current Home Care or Click here for an appointment and ask me to customize a system for you personally.

Please fill out this brief questionnaire to give me a better idea of how to guide you in choosing the best products for your skin or to customize a home care ritual that meets your specific needs

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