Make-up with a higher purpose...

Performed in an environment in compliance with current Health & Safety Guidelines.

Over 35 Years of Professional Experience

as a make-up artist gives me the cutting-edge expertise to identify your particular area of need. I specialize in custom color foundations and make-up to match or camouflage your condition. And I teach you to cover and blend the product professionally.

Extensive Knowledge & Expertise

My extensive background in Esthetics and corrective skin care help me to see the details of your skin and recommend the appropriate products and treatments to help you create the best possible canvas for your makeup application.

Make up consultation, lesson, and complimentary Cinema Secrets concealer to match your exact skin tone.

$75. (Approx. 45 minutes)

By Appointment Only

Conditions addressed include : dark spots and melasmas, birthmarks, vitiligo, Scars, acne, bumps, freckles, redness and discolorations, uneven skin tone.

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