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I carry products from Only YourX. To view their product line, go to the link below.

Once you find the products you would like to purchase, please call Liz Wist at (408) 623-2902.

The key to beautiful skin is a continuous, effective skin care regimen. We recommend a series of 4 Facials at weekly intervals followed by a monthly maintenance Facial. You will see continued improvement with each treatment.

Whether you have a clear complexion, occasional breakouts, problem skin or sun damage my treatments will deliver the results you are looking for.

I will thoroughly examine your skin to understand exactly what it needs and how to solve its problems.

I custom blend products I use in the facials exclusively for your skin using super intensive additives, including botanical extracts, pure essential oils, energizing vitamins, antioxidants, and scientific extracts.

The facial includes Clinical Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Deep Follicle Extractions (specialized techniques using emulsifiers, exfoliators and hydrators to soften impactions, allowing for ease in removal of follicular debris such as blackheads, milia, and whiteheads, which promotes clear complexion and healthier skin), Masking, and Moisturizing.

Facial Series of 4 weekly treatments $450.(reg $500) includes one month of travel size products.

These treatments are especially good for clients with stubborn acne and other skin problems, but all skin types will benefit.

Please fill out this brief questionnaire to give me a better idea of how to guide you in choosing the best products for your skin or to customize a home care ritual that meets your specific needs

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