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Known for its balancing and harmonizing effects, this unique plant is now hand gathered using certified organic harvesting methods by the farmers tending high Alpine pastures where it grows, accumulating its unique properties from the soil.

* Contains pure thermal water from the Schlangenbad spa mineral springs, taken directly from the source

* Concentrated algae extract from Brittany

* 100% free of colors, preservatives, and mineral oil-based ingredients

This natural shaving cream develops a creamy foam which leaves the skin smooth and refreshed.

It contains the precious medicinal extract of the Speick plant.

Valuable Speick oil has been carefully extracted from the plant’s roots for thousands of years.

In 500 BC in Ancient Egypt, Speick was used to perfume baths, after which the oil was used for skin care.

* If you are interested in other Speick products, please contact me. Cell/Text: (408) 623-2902 Email: products@mewist.com

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  • Speick Active Shaving Cream (75g / 2.7 fl oz)


    Speick Active Shaving Cream (75g / 2.7 fl oz)


    For the finest close shave ever, this shaving cream is made from real soap and plant-based extracts. With a wonderful lather, you are able to get your whole face sudsy with ease with organic reed extracts and other fine plant-based ingredients to created a harmonious product. Tested against allergic reactions, this cream is soothing and all vegan, so no animals were used. Free from synthetics, the Speick Men Active Shaving Cream is made from the Speick plant which is wild-harvested.

    The Speick line was named for a medicinal plant, the Lat. Valeriana Celtica or Speick plant, over 80 years ago. A family business rich in history, they take pride in creating natural high-quality products throughout their cosmetic range. For those who can’t tolerate synthetics and preservatives, Speick has the natural alternative you’ve been seeking.

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  • Speick Men After Shave Balsam Sensitive


    Speick Men After Shave Balsam Sensitive

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