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  • Coats Aloe Gelly 8oz

    Coats Aloe Gelly (8oz)


    Coats Aloe Gelly (8oz)


    Aloe Vera Gelly is cooling and anti-infalmmatory, hence it is one of the most natural remedies for sunburned or burned skin. It helps to form a protective layer for the skin, and to retain moisture. Rich in anti-oxidants and minerals, it boosts the healing process.

    is specially formulated with 90% aloe and allantoin.

    COATS ALOE™ GELLY is fragrance and color free.

    COATS ALOE™ GELLY soothes the skin while repleneshing moisture and providing hydration, aid in skin health and appearance.


    • Can be used in adjunct to hand sanitization
    • Minor skin conditions such as cuts, scrapes, turf burns, abrasions, non-poisonous insect bites and other minor skin issues
    • Minor skin irritations such as non-poisonous plant reactions
    • Skin irritated due to laser treatment or radiation therapy

    COATS ALOE™ GELLY is available in the following size:

    8 oz.


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