BiON – Mineral Cream Cleanser (4oz)


With a natural mineral clay base, Mineral Cream Exfoliating Cleanser is a nontraditional cream cleanser with a gentle abrasive action to leave skin soft and smooth. It is recommended for normal to dry or sensitive skin. BiON’s Mineral Cream Exfoliating Cleanser has healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and can be left on the skin 1 to 3 minutes to act as a mask for acne. It also reduces bacteria and opens follicles. The lecithin enhances the appearance of dry skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. May be used as a gommage. Rich, herbal aroma. pH 4.2

  • For normal to dry or sensitive skin
  • Gentle abrasive action to exfoliate skin
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Can be left on skin as mask for acne treatment
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