Doctor Eckstein Beautipharm® Hand Cream Citrus (1.66oz)


This rich, citrus-scented hand cream will invigorate your senses. It absorbs quickly, intensely moisturizes, and leaves your hands feeling softer and smoother.


With vitamin E acetate, sorbitol, agave sugar and fruit extracts from sugar cane, blueberry, maple and citrus.


Apply in particular after each hand washing and massage well until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. If necessary, also use in between.

Good to know

Antioxidant ingredients help the skin protect itself from free radicals, mainly caused by UV radiation, environmental pollution, and stress. Some of them also contribute to the regeneration of sun-stressed skin. So keep an eye out for care products containing vitamins A, C, or E, such as beta-carotene.

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