Doctor Eckstein Ultimate Supreme Day Cream (0.5oz – 1.66oz)


Effective anti-aging day balm targeted to intensively care for fine lines and wrinkles. The smooth, silky balm combines current research with precious, natural ingredients and luxurious care, to help increase the moisture retaining ability of the skin.

Helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing the formation of new ones. Excellent skin compatibility, it is easily absorbed by the skin for a silky soft, smooth feeling.

Ultimate Supreme provides luxurious anti-aging care necessary for timeless beauty.

Powerful antioxidants,.plant stem cell extracts,and other natural ingredients are intelligently combined for remarkable results. These rich formulations soften the signs of aging and hinder the development of new wrinkles.

Each Ultimate Supreme product contains 6 highly effective and carefully selected ingredients for optimum integration and best results. Excellent when combines with other Doctor Eckstein Products.

Jasmine flower wax, Hyaluronic acid, Oligopeptide, Soy sterols, Liposomes, Milk-peptide complex, Echinacea stem cell extract, Mica.

Apply gently and evenly with the fingertips, allow to absorb and, if desired, massage in gently. Works well as a makeup base.

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