Jurlique Rare Rose Face Oil (1oz)


Jurlique’s Rare Rose Face Oil is a hydrating and glow-boosting oil that helps relieve stress. This dry finish facial oil helps to hydrate, glow and relax skin. The product is infused with antioxidant vitamin E, olive, jojoba, soybean, carrot, castor oils, and squalane to help moisturize, balance and reveal a more luminous complexion.

Key Benefits

• Hydrate: Provide a boost of moisture for skin elasticity and suppleness
• Glow: Restore skin’s natural glow for a fresh, dewy complexion
• Relax: Calms the mind and relaxes the senses


We believe in preserving the integrity of nature. That’s why we harvest each plant by hand to extract its essence and deliver an undiluted force of nature to your skin.

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