Yon-Ka – Serum CBD – 30ML & 5ML


Discover the power of this oleo-serum composed of 99.9% natural ingredients, containing pure CBD and enriched with sacred Lotus and adaptogenic Reishi. This CBD face serum is designed to target skin damage related to stress and lack of sleep. It smoothes the skin, promoting improved skin quality and reduced wrinkles. Our serum uniquely adapts to each skin type by offering a self-adaptive formula.

CBD Serum distressed and reharmonizes the skin without leaving a greasy finish and is tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive ones. Without water, preservatives, alcohol, and non-comedogenic, it seamlessly integrates into your daily beauty routine.

Elevate your routine with this new face serum, which goes beyond traditional expectations and also acts on your emotions with a significant reduction in vocal stress load within 28 days.


For luminous skin, integrate Serum CBD into your nightly routine. Cleanse your skin, then spritz the serum to activate. Dispense 6-8 drops and apply evenly onto your face. For enhanced hydration, layer under your regular cream. Use nightly for best results.

Key ingredients:

THC-free CBD: Anti-inflammatory & soothes the mind (anxiety, stress) Native cells of sacred Lotus: Anti-stress, relaxing & promote melatonin production Adaptogenic Reishi Extract: Strengthens, stress resistance & antioxidant properties Organic Hemp and Inca Inchi Oil: Regulate and soothe

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