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Skin Deep is a privately owned company where I serve the community I live in and beyond with the highest quality customer service and personalized attention. Whether you come in for a Facial, wax service or to buy product, I treat each and every client with the dignity and respect they deserve. I listen to your needs and customize the service or product recommendations accordingly. My online clients receive the same attention, albeit remote, and often send pictures of their skin and inform me of their personal struggles finding products that work for them. Together we find solutions that work. This is why I invite you to connect with me and let me help you with your skin. The picture to the right is an Amazon warehouse. Not Skin Deep! Do you really want your skin care products stored and handled like this? This is why businesses like mine are thriving even though Amazon might be able to ship same day. Think about it. And when you want to reach out I will be there: (408)287 8494 or

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