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  • Ultimate Supreme Night Cream

    Doctor Eckstein Ultimate Supreme Night Cream (0.5oz – 1.66oz)


    Doctor Eckstein Ultimate Supreme Night Cream (0.5oz – 1.66oz)


    Ultra rich anti-aging night cream targeted to intensively support the skin’s natural regeneration abilities. Suitable for every skin type. Effectively concentrated precious ingredients enable the skin to optimize the benefits of beauty sleep during the night. In this way the soft cream provides the skin with all it needs to look wonderful, relaxed and revitalized the next morning. Promotes an even, youthful skin that looks and feels its best.


    Contains Echinacea Stem Cell Extract, Fructose, Liposomes, Rutin, Repair-Complex, Soja Sterols and Milk Thistle & Tulsi Extract.


    Gently apply the balm with your fingertips, spread evenly and let the balm absorb completely or massage in gently. Ideal as base for any make-up application.

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