Skin Care Specialist

At Skin Deep I practice Professional Skin Care where I target your specific skin care needs in a private environment where I focus on each client one at a time. This is why I work by appointment only. Drawing from 36 years of hands on experience I zero in on the cause of your skin problem or concerns and help you to find solutions that give the best results quickly, with personalized treatments and home care follow up products.The professional Skin Care Product Lines I carry reflect my experience, training and the certifications needed to use and sell them. For the clients who live out of the area I am available by email or phone to work with you as well. I give each client my complete undivided attention and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. I can be reached at: (408) 287 8494 or

Liz Wist owner Skin Deep Beauty & Beyond, ME WIST

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