The Little Things

In a world where customer service has deteriorated and AI is taking over as our contact with everything from banking to help with our cable TV, I remind myself that it’s the little things that help to make us feel good.

As uncomfortable as it is to make some of these phone calls, knowing that there will be extended hold times and heavy accents when and if we do reach a human being, the politeness of the agent and their ability to solve our problem can make all the difference in our experience.

When it comes to personal services, the Dr., Esthetician, Hair Stylist, Nail Tech, or Massage Therapist need to take the customer comfort into consideration for the person to have a memorable experience.

The temperature of the room, the location of the fan, the lighting, music, the way the sheets smell and feel, the odor in the room all adds up to respect and honoring the person in front of you. I had a massage once where the sheet beneath me slid on the table every time I moved. I was unable to relax and enjoy my precious time with that practitioner and did not reschedule since I felt she should have cared more about my comfort and safety. Each time I experience feeling let down and not being respected, I try harder in my own life to treat others well.

Often, it’s just the little things like making sure a customer at my business has my full attention when she is with me, greeting them with enthusiasm, making sure they’re comfortable. It all adds up and both of us feel better after our encounter.

I love my skin care business because it is my own personal creation and statement about esthetics and how I believe it should be done. I give what I would like to receive, and my customers appreciate it. I treat them as family and remember their specific likes and dislikes, requests, and concerns. This is why I emphasize the little things and how they customize each experience I offer at Skin Deep.

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