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If your skin looks dull, feels rough or bumpy, you need a Facial! These are just some of the symptom of a build up of dead skin on the face and body that when left un treated can lead to early signs of aging. In a Facial, I exfoliate the skin using a combination of professional grade enzymes and acids that I choose specifically for each client each time they come in. Your skin changes just like you do and I adapt my treatments to meet the immediate needs of your skin. For clients who don’t live nearby I can customize a home care plan that will give you excellent results as well. (408 287 8494) My specialty is zeroing in on the specific needs of each person and helping you achieve the best skin you’ve ever had! We will retexturize and revitalize your skin, moisturize and soften, purify and nourish, resurface and brighten, balance and soothe. You will have the best skin ever and I will help you every step of the way!  (408)287 8494

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