Travel Suggestions

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The call to travel is often an inner journey as well as an outward manifestation of movement. Whether it is a day trip to Sacramento, a weekend getaway to wine country, or a two week trip to Europe or the Orient – when we leave home and travel to another place, we invite change. We can use this change of place as an opportunity to do things differently.

Often while traveling, we find the answers to questions we leave back home. We can observe ourselves in a new place, in a new way. Often we discover the root of an issue that has been troubling us. Many of us journal or keep notes on places we’ve been, people we’ve met, and feelings we’ve had while we are traveling. This is an ideal time to observe our bodies. How do foods affect us? Or how does our skin react to the foods we are eating, or the sun in a particular climate?

Clients often call me before a trip and ask me to put a Travel Product Kit together for them. I am not only familiar with their skin, but I know which products come in travel sizes and the best products for them to use in a particular climate. We consult briefly, over the phone,e-mail, or in person, and I go to work.

First, I begin to evaluate the person’s skin. Which sunblock will not interfere with other treatments she may be following? What is the most efficient size of each product she will need to make it through a week or ten days, or even a three week journey? What are the person’s fears concerning being away from the ritual of homecare that they have been using successfully?

I see the journey as an opportunity to simplify in many cases, and add a specialized treatment in others. A honeymoon to Jamaica, or Hawaii may dictate simple but beautiful – a lovely smelling, nourishing cream to replenish, calm, and feed the skin at night after a day of scuba or hiking. Something she might not have had time for before the wedding – but now the reward – those few extra minutes before bed to remind herself of the new life ahead… A waterproof sunblock that sits well under make-up for sightseeing in Paris, or a camping trip in the Trinity Alps – where water for washing – up at night is not readily available. I have taken these trips myself. I know how much cleanser will get someone through 14 days!

Keep in mind, any product can be transferred to a travel container, marked, and taken along. Please ask me for help or advice. I will even put a customized Travel Kit together for you with directions and mail it to you. Or, you can come by and pick it up. Remember, Earth is the travel planet where movement and growth are part of the journey! Happy Trails…

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