Purity Treatment

purity treatment

Purifying and Re-Balancing for Impure, Stressed, and Aging Skin

$135 (1 HR.) Series of 4 (1 week apart) $500

Based on the proven efficacy of Naturceuticals, this treatment features a deep but gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and holistic purification featuring Burdock Root, a botanical extract known for it’s intense detoxifying properties.

It includes a double exfoliation with a soft-hydra peel and organically sourced botanical acids which assist in removing detrimental cellular build-up that dulls and asphyxiates the complexion.


  • Gentle enough to be performed weekly
  • Facilitates the extraction of Comedones
  • Lessens pigmentation, spots, scars
  • Purifies and asepticizes(helps with seborrhea, stressed skin, & smokers skin)
  • Liposolvant
  • Accelerates the healing process

Guarana Scrub, Nettoyant Cream. Gommage, Mask 103,105, Emulsion Pure, Juvenile, Cream 15, Cream 58, SPF 50

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